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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Almost Autumn

Now that it’s September and school is back in session, everyone seems to be thinking autumn, and we’re not complaining. This summer has been so hot, we’re ready to welcome the cooler weather, changing leaves and pumpkin spice. So this Wedding Wednesday we have a bouquet that has a hint of autumn hues, while still being summery bright in these last few weeks of the season.
Bright Early Autumn Wedding Flowers Clutch Bouquet by Stein Your Florist Co.

This wedding bouquet is a gathering of cheerful orange Asiatic lilies, orange gerbera daisies, yellow button mums, purple statice, red roses, solidego and touches of light lavender daisies. The warm hues make us long for fall, but the purple and lavender keep it summery fresh!

If you're in the Philadelphia, PA or Burlington, NJ area and would like to meet with one of Stein Your Florist Co.'s expert wedding consultants call us at 800-887-4013.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

For the Love of Cats

Shop Cat Poly on the Green Roof at Stein Your Florist Co.
Shop Cat Poly on the Green Roof at Stein Your Florist Co.
We love our furry feline friends! They are wonderful companions without the over neediness of their canine counterparts. Our shop cats, Cat and Poly, make our work days a joy and remind us to play, stretch, relax, gaze out the window and enjoy the occasional catnap or two.

Isosceles Cat with Gerbera Daisies - Stein Your Florist Co.
Gerbera daisies are non-toxic to cats and dogs.
Cats are the furry part of our families that make our houses homes. They tend to be curious, eager to take a nibble or two (or many many more) on that beautiful bouquet of flowers your beau just brought you, so it is important that when you’re enjoying your flowers and plants they can be enjoyed by your kitties too!

Ceclia Cat with a Collar of Carnations - Stein Your Florist Co.
Carnations are toxic to dogs and cats,
but they make a lovely collar.
Sam and Dean Cats with Roses - Stein Your Florist Co.
Roses are non-toxic to cats and dogs.
So how will you know if a particular plant or flower is potentially toxic? Thanks to the internet we can check these things out in a flash! We recommend starting with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website where you can find a searchable list of both toxic and non-toxic plants for both cats and dogs. It’s best to know the scientific name as well as the common name of the plants or flowers when doing your pet homework, since sometimes multiple plants with different characteristics may share the same common name.

Sam Cat and Coxcomb - Stein Your Florist Co.
Coxcomb are non-toxic to cats and dogs.
Many plants that your cats may munch of will cause nothing worse than a little digestive upset, but some may cause more serious health issues. Some common flowers and plants that are toxic to both cats and dogs are:  aloe, amaryllis, azaleas, baby’s breath, begonias, bird of paradise, and tulips. Members of the Lilium genus, including asiatic, casablanca, Easter, and stargazer lilies, can cause serious kidney problems (and possibly even death) if ingested by cats.

Phillip Cat ready for date night with his red rose - Stein Your Florist Co.
Phillip is ready for date night with
his top hat and non-toxic rose.
So what is a pet friendly bouquet? A bouquet consisting of plants and flowers that are not considered to be toxic to pets (primarily cats and dogs) of course. Flowers such as roses, African daisies, orchids and most ferns and plants such as bromeliads, African violets and Christmas cactus are non-toxic (although any ingested plant material might occasionally cause mild upset) and would be suitable as to have in households with pets.

Here is a brief list of "pet friendly" flowers and plants courtesy of Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, Vice President and Medical Director of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

·        Common Name | Scientific name
·         African daisy | Arctotis stoechadifolia
·         African violet | Saintpaulia spp.
·         Alyssum | Allysum spp.
·         Bachelors buttons | Centaureaa cyanus
·         Begonia | Begonia spp.
·         Celosia | Celosia spp.
·         Common Snapdragon | Antirrhinum majus
·         Easter Daisy | Townsendia sevicea
·         Orchids | Barbrodia, Sophronitis, etc.
·         Peruvian lily, Brazilian lily | Alstroemeria spp. (Not a true lily, so it’s a great alternative!)
·         Rose | Rosa spp.

Sophie Cat with flowers from Stein Your Florist Co.
Chrysanthemums are toxic to dogs and cats,
but ok for stuffed dinosaurs.
So love your cats and your flowers too! Be sure to seek out or create “pet friendly” bouquets and plants when looking for something special for yourself or when sending a gift to a pet owner. Call us at 800-887-4013 and we can help you in your cat friendly quest. Meow!

Cecilia is catching up on some of her cat reading - Stein Your Florist Co.
Cecilia is catching up on some of her cat reading.

Dean Cat is ordering flowers online from his favorite florist,  Stein Your Florist Co.!
Dean Cat is ordering flowers online from his favorite florist,
Stein Your Florist Co.!
Dr. Isosceles Cat is in. - Stein Your Florist Co.
Roes and orchids are feline friendly, but avoid chrysanthemums.

Cats and flowers - Stein Your Florist Co.
These kitties love flowers. Roses and liatris are thier friends, but avoid tasting
the chrysanthemums, solidego, and delphinium.

Painting cat Phillip - Stein Your Florist Co.
Paintings of flowers are always feline friendly!

Photography cat Phillip - Stein Your Florist Co.
Flower photos are always safe too!

Psychic Cat Cecilia - Stein Your Florist Co.
Psychic cat Cecilia sees bad things in your pet's future if they much on
these blooms! Avoid hydrangea and carnations around your cats and dogs.

Penelope Cat with Flowers - Stein Your Florist Co.
Penelope is pleased that she's safe to sample these rose petals.

Cat on Computer - Stein Your Florist Co.
Avoid stock, aka gillyflower, around your cats and dogs.
Find more cats on our Facebook page!

Penelope cat, flowers and magnifying glasses - Stein Your Florist Co.
Look, but don't much on chrysanthemums, calla lilies, and carnations you curious cats!
The orchids are pet friendly.

Kitten with roses - Stein Your Florist Co.
Mom, may I taste the roses?
Yes you may, roses are feline friendly.

Orchids and kittens - Stein Your Florist Co.
Orchids look like a tasty snack... they are pet friendly after all.

Kitten and zinnias - Stein Your Florist Co.
Zinnias are pet friendly!

Samurai Cat Isosceles and Lucky Bamboo - Stein Your Florist Co.
Look, but don't taste the Lucky Bamboo samurai cat,
they are toxic.

Sophie cat walking through rose petals - Stein Your Florist Co.
Rose Petals are pet friendly!

Feline Fred and Flowers - Stein Your Florist Co.
Feiline Fred isn't too sure about this bouquet...
Some of the flowers are pet friendly, some are not.
Call us at 800-887-4013 and we can help you create an
arrangement that is perfect for pets!

A collar of daisies is all the rage in feline fashion, but they are for
looking, not eating, as they are toxic to dogs and cats.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eye Bombed!

We work hard here at Stein Your Florist Co., but we like to have fun too! Yesterday employee Chris left his keys unattended in the shop while he diligently cared for the plants in our greenhouse…

Little did he know a mischievous gerbera daisy got ahold of them and eye bombed his car!

Chris is a good sport, we had a good time, and the “eyes” definitely have it!
Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched?

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