Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Petal It Forward

Stein's Ambassador of Happiness Jessi
was spreading joy on Petal it Forward day!
A week ago today Stein Your Florist & Steins at Sunset Florist joined hundreds of other florists across the country with one shared goal:  to spread happiness with the joy of flowers through a nationwide “Petal It Forward” event.

If this is the first you’re hearing of it, you may be wondering, what is Petal It Forward? It's a day where florists randomly surprise people on the street with flowers. Lucky recipients received 2 bouquets – one to keep and one the share with a friend, family member, co-worker or even a complete stranger.

There is a direct like between flowers & positive emotions. Rutgers University conducted a study that demonstrates that the presence of flowers makes us happy – creating instant delight and enhancing our life satisfaction. 
Stein's Ambassador of Happiness Patti
spread a little floral joy with the gas attendant
at Wawa. He was excited to Petal It Forward to
his girlfriend later that day!
As florists, we want people to experience this first hand, so on October 11th our “ambassadors of happiness” hit the streets with more than 40 bouquets, surprising and delighting the recipients. We shared the message of Petal It Forward and received a lot of smiles & gratitude!

The smiles were not just on the faces of the recipients, our ambassadors of happiness were smiling too, because it doesn’t just feel good to receive flowers, but to give them too, which is why each recipient got two bouquets, so they could experience it all first hand.

80% of Americans say, “receiving flowers from others makes me feel happy.”
88% say, “giving flowers to others makes me feel happy.”

More smiles as this man instantly
petaled it forward to his daughters!
With all the smiles (and even a few happy tears) we were truly touched by everyone that we got to share the joy of flowers with and we are so happy that so many people got a chance to experience flower power first hand. To see more Petal It Forward fun, search the hashtag #petalitforward on social media to see tons of posts from 573 Petal It Forward events across the country.

We’re looking forward to next year! Can’t wait that long? We totally get it! We’re open every day of the year so you can Petal It Forward whenever you like!

Spreading more floral happiness!

Check out Stein's Ambassador of Happiness Dana in this video as she breaks down what the day is all about and surprises someone on the street with flowers!

Flowers make the moment… Let us make a moment for you, at SteinYour Florist Co.