Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something Seussian

So we’ve been pinning like crazy on Pinterest (need an invite? send us an email at or leave a message after this post and we'll send you one) and I stumbled across a picture of swirly pastel sugar cookies, which then inspired a board of many Seussian delights, which then inspired this post, a chance to share my love of all things Seuss with you…

It must relate back to my childhood, my love of Dr. Seuss. Bedtime readings of his whimsical tales and colorful drawings always brought such joy! The Foot Book, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, There’s a Wocket in my Pocket (a favorite), and so many more, are all classics that I fell in love with!

The Joyous Leaping of Uncanned Salmon
Cat From the Wrong Side
of the Tracks
Now as an adult I still enjoy the fanciful art of Dr. Seuss. His painting “The Joyous Leaping of Uncanned Salmon” was my desktop background for almost a year and I swear my pet cat Isosceles is his “Cat from the Wrong Side of the Tracks”! His work has inspired the imaginations of people for generations, including myself and some of the other designers here at Stein Your Florist Co.

It’s all about colors and curves for us in our land of Seussian design. Like this topiary arrangement, whose curvy raffia wrapped trunk and large round top, remind us of a truffula tree. And the bits of green hanging amaranthus at the bottom are reminiscent of the crazy hanging hair of Dr. Seuss’ Zlock (behind the clock), Bofa (on the sofa), or the Yeps (on the steps), to name just a few of his creative characters.

Joseph Katz
Another topiary-esque arrangement of Seussy inspiration is this whirly spiral of colorful floral fun. The bright colors are akin to his painting “Every Girl Should Have a Unicorn” or the snazzy sweater of “Joseph Katz.” We think this would be a lovely compliment to a sweets table among delightfully yummy lolli-pops, taffies, and some swirly pastel sugar cookies (why not?)!

Every Girl Should Have a Unicorn
And, if you’ve been reading our other posts, you surely noticed that we love to play dress up… So we put our favorite “doll” Jessi Rose in a bright blue dress, put her hair in playful pig tails with touches of fanciful foliage, and painted her face with pretty pastels. We created a Seussian bouquet for her inspired by a bevy of Dr. Seuss’ work; though, especially by the Nooth Grush (on the tooth brush) with his cute pastel colors and the _ellar (in the cellar) with his lengthy tail from There’s a Wocket in my Pocket.

The bouquet itself consists mainly of rainbow roses, their assortment of colors are bright in the center of a collar of yellow solidego, with a canopy of craspedia, which we like to call golden balls, bobbing about at the top.


The bottom of the bouquet is long and trailing, breaking off into different directions with pops of color from mums, ranunculus, asters, more golden balls, hanging amaranthus, a few berries, something periwinkle that we can’t remember the name of, artificial cherry blossoms, a dahlia, a peony, long streamers of ribbons and the kitchen sink (which of course has a Nink in it).

And how cool are those Seussy silver vases!?! Just like Seuss Landing in Orlando, FL there are no straight lines here. These vases defy gravity and stand upright despite their curvy shape and we filled them with just a few stems of brightly colored artificial gerbera daisies, whose stems have also been Seussified. And just for fun… here’s a few shiny gazing balls :)

Next time you’re feeling blue, or need a little a little joy, inspiration, or fun in your day, visit Dr. Seuss’ world, “where everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.” My love of Dr. Seuss will endure always, because as the wise man himself said, “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope” and I, for one, enjoy the view.

-Jennifer Kelly


  1. A new Seuss book was published recently. His wife found it among his stuff.

    1. Thanks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! We'll be sure to check it out!