Friday, August 9, 2013

365 Days of Floral Education - Days 276 - 280

As part of our 125th Anniversary celebration at Stein Your Florist Co. we are sharing a year of floral education, November 1, 2012 thru October 31, 2013. Each day we will post something new on our Facebook page to share our knowledge of our favorite things, flowers and plants and we'll be updating our blog every 5 days or so. No need for pencils and notebooks, just sharing some simple lessons in floristry.

Day 276 - Carnations, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, have long been brewed into teas that may help alleviate stress and nervousness. Carnations grown, cultivated and dried into tea brews have also been used to treat minor depression and fatigue. In Europe, folk medicine relied on infusions or teas brewed of carnations to help relieve nervousness and some coronary disorders, as well as for nausea caused by seasickness.

Day 277 - In massage oils, carnations have been used to promote healing of the skin and to increase vitality that not only softens and replenishes the skin, but creates a scent that many find soothing and calming. In ancient China, carnation flower tea was widely used to help the body and spirit relax, and to restore energy in the body.

Day 278 - Carnations contain substances that soothe the nervous system, reduce inflammation and swelling and can help restore natural hormonal balances in women with nervous conditions associated with hormone imbalances, according to Worldwide Health, an alternative medical resource. Carnations have long been used to reduce muscle tension in uterine tissues, reducing the discomfort of menstrual cramps.

Day 279 - Carnations have been used in medicine to help reduce fevers and stomach aches, in addition to enhancing liver, stomach and heart health. In "Pharmacopoeia Londinensis," a 1618 publication of a pharmaceutical book, the carnation was used in tonic cordials or hot drinks to help fight fevers and fight against germs and pestilence.

Day 280 - According to some ancient Aztec homeopathic remedies, carnations were used by this Indian culture as a diuretic when taken in an infusion of carnation flower petals in hot water. The ancient Indian tribe also used carnations for treatment and relief of chest congestion and diseases by taking about 1 tbsp. of the flower petals mixed with sugar and boiled in a syrup every three hours.

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