Saturday, March 3, 2012

Totally Tangerine

Last wedding season, purple and pewter were all the rage. We were designing wedding bouquets in violets, eggplants, aubergines, and pretty much every shade of purple you can think of almost every weekend. Well this year's color trend is tangerine! Pantone announced its hot colors for 2012 and Tangerine Tango is number one. They say that it's a "bright and encouraging color" and we agree. Whether you choose tangerine dresses, flower, or both it will certainly pop and add an element of excitement to your day. We also love it for everyday wardrobe, it's cheerful and fun. And don't forget home decor; it's a great color to jazz up a room. This year we are in love with all things tangerine!

Several flowers are available in shades of tangerine, including lilies, roses, dahlias, gerbera daisies, marigolds, calla lilies, tulips and orchids. Most are available year round, while others, like marigolds and dahlias are more readily available in the Summer months. We've gathered some photos of some of our favorite uses of pretty petals in tangerine.

A tight clutch bouquet designed in bright tangerine roses and lilies are bold and beautiful. Carrying this bouquet against black makes it pop in a big way, making a wedding colorful and fun.

If tangerine is appealing to you, but a bit too bright, try cooling it down with turquoise. Roses, tulips, pin cushion protea, celosia, and mokara orchids are calmed by this pool-colored cube, creating a beautiful centerpiece.

Adding light greens to your tangerine has a very fresh feeling, especially with the floces of fresh fruit. This arrangement is perfect for a bar, card table or buffet.

Tangerine also pairs beautifully with hot pink. Just check out the pretty way it accents these chair covers!

Pinks lend a garden feel to this centerpiece. Garden style is another popular trend amongst brides, and for good reason. It is elegant without being stuffy, classy but casual. The pink tones down the intensity of all that orange.

Adding in light green keeps it very fresh and Springy looking as in these two bouquets.


We also like adding a bit of contrasting purpley-blue, like in this bouquet of roses and birds of paradise with touches of statice. The trailing bear grass draws the eye down the length of the gown.

Or throw some yellow into the mix for some extra fun. And it's perfect if you're going tropical! Even small touches of tangerine go a long way, grabbing attention. 

If you're more traditional, don't totally write off tangerine just yet. This bouquet of calla liliea, cymbidium orchids, stock flower and roses simply breathes traditional wedding elegance with its creamy ivories. With a mix like this you can be classic and customary while still being totally trendy!

While tangerine is a bit bright, it still works wonderfully for Fall weddings too. Adding other warm Autumn hues, like burgundies and cinnamons carry us right into October and November. We designed this bouquet in all roses with textural accents of hypericum berries, solidego and oak leaves to capture the season.

Accents of plum dahlias in this bouquet bring extra warmth and depth. And the copper wire nests the blooms beautifully.

Don't forget the groom! He'll look great in tangerine too. This fun polka dot tie is adorable! Roses are always a beautiful choice for his boutonniere, but we love the look of this dahlia.

Not getting married or throwing a party this year? That's ok, you can still enjoy tangerine too. We love these living rooms, bright, bold and saturated with tangerine. Add a little or a lot; go wild and paint the walls or just add a few throw pillows. It's always nice to redecorate and refresh your home. Add some tangerine to your wardrobe too. Add a silk tangerine scarf to compliment your blazer or a bold tangerine cardigan over an aqua colored cami. Tangerine is a fun color, so have fun with it.

Not ready to make the commitment to tangerine? Just pick up a few fresh blooms and take it for a spin, you won't be sorry.

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  1. I wasn't a big fan of tangerine, but you've given so many great ways to use it I'm inspired to redecorate and add a little tangerine tango into my home and wardrobe! Thanks for all the great ideas and color combos.