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We're Ready for our Debut

Famous Philadelphia florist recreates International Flower Show for movie to preview Thursday, March 8, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012 For Immediate release - Press Release

Patrick Kelly of Stein Your Florist Co.
hands Mancation actress Danica McKellar
the custom designed bridal bouquet for the
It's been almost a year since cameras, trailers and a film crew took over the 125 year old Philadelphia florist known as Stein Your Florist Company in Northeast Philadelphia. Over the course of several days in late April and May of 2011, the corner of Princeton and Frankford Avenues resembled a Hollywood back lot, rather than the solid working class neighborhood that has been the home of Steins since 1948.

The purpose of all the excitement was to film scenes for the up-coming movie Mancation staring *NSync singer Joey Fatone, and Danica McKellar. McKellar, who played Winnie Cooper in the long-running TV show "The Wonder Years," plays a flower shop employee in the comedy set to have a test screening this Thursday, March 8th at the Trocadero Theatre – located at 10th and Arch Streets in Philadelphia.

The script called for a scene that included a local flower shop, where the principle characters reunite, as well as a scene set at the international flower show.  Initially, the producers hoped to film the flower show scenes in and around Philadelphia’s International Flower Show hosted by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society in early March of 2011.  However, scheduling conflicts made this impossible. That’s when a small chalk board sign sparked an idea.

While filming the initial scene the producers noticed a hand written sign on an antique chalkboard that read; “Stein Your Florist… A Flower Show Every Day!”Pleased with the way the unusual 1940’s style landmark looked on film, the produces asked Patrick Kelly, owner of Steins, if he would consider recreating the flower show in his store. Built in the aftermath of WWII, the unique architectural features of the building include an indoor waterfall and fishpond as well as a two store greenhouse surrounding a traditional corner row home.

Mancation, starring Joey Fatone, Danica
McKellar, and Matt Kawczynski, will
have its first test screening on March 8,
2012 at The Trocadero.
With the location set, all that was left were the flowers. That’s when the staff at Stein Your Florist got to work. Rare orchids from the south pacific, tropical flora from South America as well as traditional blooms from Holland and Europe were among the thousands of flowers imported for the movie recreation.  Local growers were also included with vibrant lilies; corkscrew and fresh pussy willow sourced from farms in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. “We’re an old school florist in the traditional sense” said Kelly.  “When Stein customers visit our shop they expect a wide variety of beautiful flowers every day.” Stein’s customers expect more, so we always have more to choose from and enjoy”   

Is it a coincidence that the arrival of the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show and the first Mancation test screen coincide? Probably, but it seems too apropos to the people at Steins. “The movie screening and the flower show in the same week, from our standpoint it’s just too perfect” Kelly said. Playing off this year’s theme, Hawaii Islands of Aloha, Steins has once again imported hundreds of orchids and other exotic flora to bring the flair of the tropics to their daily flower show. And as a traveling flower show, the employees attending this Thursday’s screening, several of which appear as extras in the film’s wedding scene, will each don a few exotic florets on their lapels, handbags or hair. Stein Your Florist Company is always ready for its close up.


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