Tuesday, December 25, 2012

365 Days of Floral Education - Days 51-55

As part of our 125th Anniversary celebration at Stein Your Florist Co. we are sharing a year of floral education, November 1, 2012 thru October 31, 2013. Each day we will post something new on our Facebook page to share our knowledge of our favorite things, flowers and plants and we'll be updating our blog every 5 days or so. No need for pencils and notebooks, just sharing some simple lessons in floristry.

Jingle Bell Poinsettia
Day 51 – Poinsettias are the best selling potted plant in the U.S. & Canada, with California being the top U.S. Poinsettia-producing state. Poinsettias are the most popular Christmas plant, with most of them being sold with a six-week perios leading up to the holiday. It is estimated that women account for 80% of Poinsettia sales.

Purple Poinsettias
Day 52 – Blue and purple poinsettias have been all the rage at our shops this year and many have asked how they are available in these nontraditional hues. To color their holiday crop, growers use colorants not toxic to plants and a fast-drying solvent that won't burn or discolor the poinsettia bracts. Sometimes glitter is added before the solvent evaporates for a bit of holiday sparkle.

Poinsettia bracts turning white

Day 53 - Poinsettias are one the most difficult plants to reflower after the initial display when purchased. Poinsettias need a period of uninterrupted long, light-free nights for about two months in early spring in order to develop flowers.

Pink Poinsettia

Day 54 – In Nahuatl , the language of the Aztecs, the Poinsettia was called Cuitlaxochitl (from cuitlatl, for residue, and xochitl, for flower), meaning "flower that grows in residues or soil." The Aztecs used the poinsettia leaves to dye fabric and the sap for medicinal purposes.

Christmas Eve Miracle Poinsettias

Day 55 - A Mexican legend explains how Poinsettias came to be associated with Christmas. Apparently, a child who could not afford a gift to offer to Christ on Christmas Eve picked some weeds from the side of a road. The child was told that a humble gift, if given in love, would be acceptable in God's eyes. When brought into the church, the weeds bloomed into red and green Poinsettia flowers and the congregation felt that they had witnessed a Christmas miracle. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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