Friday, December 7, 2012

Florist Counteracts Bullying

Florists' Review Magazine - December 2012
A Philadelphia florist has found an unconventional way to tackle a problematic social issue. Stein Your Florist Co. created a public-service announcement video featuring employees, family, friends and neighbors to draw attention to the issue of bullying and to commemorate National Bullying Prevention Month in October.

Using a traditional technique for designing floral set pieces, owner Patrick Kelly created a floral plaque to convey their message: Stop bullying. Participants were invited to hold the floral sign and say something inspirational in the video, which was posted on YouTube and sparked an outpour of emotion from the community.

“All of the responses have been positive, supportive and inspirational,” says Jennifer Kelly, operations manager at Stein Your Florist Co. “We are honored to have touched people with our simple message, spoken with flowers, and delighted to share our love, acceptance and optimism with the world.”

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